Roof Project-Arbitration has been accepted by both the insurance carrier and PC HOA. A contractor for our Pheasant Creek Townhome roof project was selected and work will begin at the end of August or beginning of September. The project is due to last 11 weeks. 

Roofers will be scheduled from Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

More information will be coming to homeowners and will be posted to this website and at mail kiosks.

Upcoming board meeting will discuss future paint, trim and siding projects.

Concrete Repairs Update- Our Board received initial bids for concrete repairs for the East side of property.  We will be working on most trip hazard areas first.  Updates will be posted.

Home Modifications - When deciding on making a modification outside of your home, whether it be lighting, doors, windows or even plants you must fill out an ACC request for this. There are certain guidelines that must be followed living in a community with an HOA. 

If you make a modification prior to requesting approval and the modification does not fall within the guidelines you will be required to change it back at your cost. 

It is your responsibility as a resident in the community to read the Rules & Regulations as well as the Declarations. By failing to do so you cannot blame the management company nor the HOA Board for any violations you may incur.

Ice Melt - Previously the HOA had a management company that provided an on-site maintenance person, at a cost, who supplied homeowners with ice melt that requested it. This was only a courtesy to homeowners and was never required by the HOA. 

The last management company was not able to provide an on-site maintenance person so last winter some of your board members voluntarily distributed ice melt themselves. At this time, there are no plans for the board to distribute ice melt.


However, we are actively working with Hammersmith for them to provide an on-site maintenance person for the community. This person will handle distributing ice melt once again, but it could still be a month or two before this happens. 

In the meantime if you need ice melt Home Depot and Ace both have hand held jugs that are both concrete and pet friendly.

Fire Pits - As a reminder, fire pits, tiki torches or any other form of open fire is absolutely prohibited in our community.  Please contact the authorities immediately if you see someone doing this. This is a danger to our homes.

Pets - While we all love our pets dearly, they are never allowed to roam free in the common areas of the community. Dogs must be on a leash at ALL times in the common areas and must be in the hands of a responsible adult. Please do not allow your small children to handle your dogs outside your home. There are several dog parks in Lakewood that will welcome your offleash dog.

If you are caught letting your dog roam free in the community you will receive a warning notice. If it continues you will begin to receive fines for the violation.

Please do not put your dog(s) in your backyard and allow it to bark and disturb your neighbors or otherwise become a nuisance. 


Please be a great neighbor and pick up after your pets! Please do not let dog feces accumulate in your backyard. This is unsanitary and unfair to your neighbors to have to see and smell your pet's waste.  

Picking up after your pet in the common area needs to be done immediately! There are many pet waste stations throughout the community for your use. 


Working on Auto Repairs-Just a reminder that working on your vehicles in our common areas/parking lot is prohibited.

Website feedback: What are you looking for when you visit the PCHOA website? What would you like to see here? Send  feedback and ideas to the the subject line "Feedback"

Work Orders - For all work order requests

please log into your account on Hammersmith's website, select Submit A Request, choose your request and enter as much detail as you can.

Property Values - Our Pheasant Creek Townhomes are still in a strong Seller's market with a median sales price over $250,000 for the year 2019 and the first half of 2020. Strong Buyer demand continues to support increasing values.

Website - As we now have a more updated website we will continue to post messages and notices on this page about news and events going on in the community. 

HOA Meeting Minutes - You'll find the HOA minutes in the Hammersmith portal.