Trash collection is every Tuesday and recycling every other Tuesday. See the Items of Interest tab for a link to the yearly schedule.





We understand that no one likes to get a violation notice, but unfortunately, there are times it has to be done to maintain the property.  If you're not sure what the rules and regulations are, please refer to the booklet you received when you moved in.  The first violation notice is just a warning.  If the problem isn't solved after the first warning letter, subsequent letters will be sent out and you may be fined.  To help prevent a violation, here is a list of some of the most common violations to avoid. 

Trash in bags or in cans without lids put out the night before - leaving trash cans out after pickup - not storing trash cans in your back area:   Please do not put trash out before Tuesday morning unless it is in a covered trash container with a lid.  Animals and birds are attracted to plastic bags with food and tear open the bags and spread the trash around.  Recycled items in a separate clearly marked container (green or blue in color are preferred by vendor) are picked up every other week along with trash pickup.  Please use a designated and marked container.  The HOA pays for the recycling pick up, so please take advantage of this. Please do not put out furniture or large items without calling the trash company and arranging for a special pickup at your expense.  Articles put out on the curb are charged to the association and the cost is absorbed by all homeowners.  Trash cans must be removed from the pickup site no later than the evening after  the pickup day.  

Non-adherence to these rules has become a problem in the community.  An Association representative is monitoring the property for trash violations, and a homeowner will receive a violation for not following these guidelines.  The Board would really appreciate everyone's cooperation to keep the community neat and trash free. 

The trash collection company we currently contract with is Waste Connections Denver.  You can call 303-288-2100 to arrange for the pickup of a large item or for a recycling container.  For a list of recyclable items and other information, click here.


Not cleaning up after pets - noisy dogs - unleashed dogs: Homeowners are responsible for cleaning up after your pets in the common areas and in your backyard.  Be considerate of your neighbors and don't leave your dogs out if they're barking, whining, howling or otherwise being a nuisance.  Dogs must be on a leash in the common areas and attended by a person who is able to control the pet at all times. 

Not maintaining backyards, front doors: It is the responsibility of each homeowner to keep their back areas clean including trimming bushes, weeding, and not storing indoor furniture, appliances, and other "junk."  The Property Manager walks the grounds regularly to ensure that backyards are being maintained.  Front door areas also need to be maintained. Please do not leave trash cans, bicycles, and other items outside in front of units, behind bushes or stairs.  These items should be kept inside fenced patio areas or inside units.

VehiclesA vehicle will be considered abandoned if it has not been driven for more than 7 days. After receiving a notice on the vehicle, it will be towed after 72 hours if it has not been moved.  The repair, servicing, painting, etc. of vehicles if prohibited on the property.  Campers, trailers (boat, hauling, etc.), boats, trucks larger than 3/4 ton, or recreational vehicles may be parked on the property for temporary loading and unloading only unless parked or stored within a garage.  Parking on the sidewalks, cobblestone or common area is prohibited.  Motorcycles are not to be stored or parked in fenced backyards or on sidewalks.  All vehicles must have current license plates and registration and be in operable conditions to be parked in the community. Only one notice will be given for the same violation. Subsequent violations within a 6 month period will result in automatic towing of the vehicle without notice.

Trash, toys, bicycles, or other personal property left in the common areas: 
Please clean up after yourselves and your children. 

Real estate signs placed in common areas: All "For Sale" or "For Rent"
signs should be placed in a front window or temporarily attached to handrails, not placed in the common areas.