There is a rather large list of projects that we need to tackle. Some of these projects are very costly which means we either have to break them up and do them in sections or they must be put off until the funds are available. Of course we really hate to put off projects, but for years of receiving minimal increases in our dues while our expenses continued to climb exponentially, this has put us in a spot that we have no choice but to do what we can where we can. Safety will always be the first priority.


  • Paint. trim and siding are also out to final bids and we need the insurance claim to be finalized before moving forward with that project.

  • The Board has initial bids for concrete repairs for the East side of the the property (Dartmouth is our dividing line between East and West) and we are asking for more bids, but wanted homeowners to understand that just half of the property's sidewalks and parking lot gutters-grinding down trip hazards, filling cracks, mud-jacking where possible and replacing what is not salvageable is over $120,000. We will first take care of the trip hazard areas.

If you would like to know what other projects are on the list, please come to one of the monthly meetings or contact the management company for more information.