Pheasant Creek HOA june 2021 Newsletter

Important Information Regarding Off-leash Dogs!


We are having some serious issues with dogs being free in our community. We need to keep our neighbors, working contractors and our pets safe. If you see a dog roaming off-leash, please call Jefferson County Animal Control immediately: 303-271-5070


Capital Projects


We closed on our loan at the beginning of June and our projects are underway. Replacement of damaged wood began on June 14th with 4 buildings being done. Please watch for a notice being posted 48 hours before work begins on your building.


We are awaiting final approval from USPS  on our plans for new mailboxes. Once that happens we will be scheduling work to begin.


Our parking lot/asphalt project will begin sometime in August.


All of these improvements are going to make such a difference in our neighborhood and are the result of many hours of hard work. We would welcome any of you who would like to help us!




With spring turning to summer we are all looking forward to having friends and family visit. Please make your guests aware that the numbered parking spots are reserved and they may only park in unmarked spots.


Keep your car registration and tags current. You are able to update online and there are also Kiosks located in stores where you can purchase your new tags.



Our Pool is Open!


A reminder that children under the age of 14 may NOT be in the pool area without an adult. There have been reports of adults dropping young children off and leaving. Drowning can happen quickly and silently – do not put your kids at risk!  No glass is allowed in the pool area and there is no smoking (any kind) as well. Please be respectful of our pool and bathroom areas – treat them as if they were your own - because they are! 😊




Along with our weekly trash pick up we also have recycling picked up every other Tuesday. Upcoming recycling days are June 29, July 6 and July 20th. Recycling bins of all

sizes can be purchased inexpensively at hardware stores or even at Amazon online. It’s easy to toss your cans/jars and paper into the blue bin and cut down on the amount of trash being picked up.





For those of us who have backyards to enjoy, please remember that fire pits are a danger and are prohibited. We ask that those who are renting their units make sure that tenants are aware of our regulations.

School’s Out for Summer!


Jeffco libraries have summer reading programs for children. Along with books they offer a Story Line – you can call to have a story read to you! Our closest libraries are the Belmar Library at 555 S Allison Pkwy, and the Lakewood Library at 10200 W 20th Ave – both in Lakewood.