Pheasant Creek HOA SEPTEMBER 2020 Newsletter

Residents…The board of directors hopes that this finds you all healthy and making the best of a strange and stressful time. 



The pool is closed for the season.


Capital Projects

We are getting close to a starting point on roofs. We need to get some final information from the insurance company, and we can finally get started.  We will also be looking at the paint, trim, siding, mailboxes, and parking lots as well, but it will need to be discussed in a special meeting to review financial options like a loan. That meeting will be scheduled in mid-October and will be separate from the monthly and annual meetings. The board cannot act on this without a community vote.



With the roof project upon us it is important to remember that back yards and decks are 100% owner responsibility. This include weed removal, dog waste removal, and keeping the area generally neat and tidy. Also, trees that are in a unit’s yard are 100% the owner responsibility.  This means that a dead tree needs to be removed by the owner. Keep in mind that damage to the property caused by these trees will be the responsibility of the owner to pay for. Finally, no new trees can be planted inside of fenced yards.


Both backyards and decks will need to be clear and accessible for the roof project.  


As a reminder patio furniture, trash cans, BBQ grills and smokers, bicycles, and kid’s toys (within reason) are allowed in back yards or on decks. No items should be attached to fences or decks. 

All other items are not allowed. We emphasize that tires, appliances, motorized vehicles of ANY kind are not only not allowed but a hazmat issue.


Common Areas

With the holiday season approaching it is important to remind residents that trash days may fluctuate, and it is your responsibility to check the website for updates.


Trash or recycling put out without lids overnight is against the rules and letters and fines will be sent. 



Just a friendly reminder that many are still at home either working, going to school, or because they are out of work. Stress levels are at an all-time high, so please be mindful and respectful to everyone. Keep the noise levels appropriate at all hours, day or night.


While 2020 has forced us to all socially distance, please take a moment to check on your neighbors, especially the elderly, and make sure they are well and have everything they need.


Pheasant Creek Board of Directors Meeting

Thursday September 24th, 2020

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