Pheasant Creek HOA january 2021 Newsletter

Pheasant Creek is inviting you to a scheduled RingCentral meeting.

February 25, 2021  6:00 pm

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Capital Projects


Roof project is mostly complete.  There are some small items left to take care of. They have been delayed in this process by weather.  Overall, the project went exceptionally smooth and was completed much faster than originally planned.


Soon we will be having the juniper bushes removed from the property. These are extremely high fire risks. Also, the larger ones in front of windows are security risks.


We will look at bush replacement after the buildings are painted.


As for trees, we are now entering a maintenance cycle with our arborist. This year, all the pine trees will be pruned.


We have selected a contractor for paint, trim, and siding. It looks like we would likely start doing wood and siding prep and replacement soon, weather permitting. Then around the end of March we would like to start painting when weather allows. Estimated time for painting alone is about 4 months.


We are also looking at what can be done regarding the parking lots, including sidewalks, curbs, and gutters. Current bids are in and we are asking for Firm and Final numbers.


Finally, we will need to address mailboxes sooner than later.  We have the information on their replacement, however the cost of just purchasing the boxes is about $100K and the first bid for replacement was another $200K. Shockingly there are not many vendors that want to bid this work. We will keep getting bids as this project is vitally important due to vandalism and theft.


Back Yards/Decks


While the backyards and decks are places for each owner to enjoy, there are rules to what can and cannot be stored or left in them. As we get ready to paint, we will be enforcing these rules more so now than in the past.

  • Dog feces MUST be picked up DAILY.

  • NO Firepits, gas or natural wood.

  • NO heaters, gas or electric.

  • NO appliances, including freezers.

  • NO swamp coolers.

  • NO TIRES or car parts.

  • NO furniture other than those designed for patio use.

  • NO motorized vehicles, including motorcycles, scooters, ATV’s.


  • Toys must be kept neat and no battery-operated/gas-operated toys cannot be left as they create a potential hazmat issue. Bicycles cannot be hung on fences as that is not what they are designed for.

  • Trash and recycle cans need to be stored in these areas. NOT in front or on the side of the building, this includes tucking them in behind front stairwells.

  • Yards MUST be well manicured (no wild growth of weeds, or general unkempt appearance).




Please be courteous of all your neighbors. There is a car limit per unit. This is 1 vehicle per legally licensed driver with a max of 3 per unit. These cars must ALL be regular use vehicles. No storage of vehicles or disabled vehicles. No campers including camper/sprinter vans.


No flatbed trucks, box trucks, commercial sprinter vans, or dually’s of any kind.  Park all work vehicles on Dartmouth as this is not a commercial parking lot.


We know there is an issue with getting temp tags but there is no excuse for expired tags as the DMV is open, provides tag renewal online, and provides remote access kiosks in multiple locations including some grocery stores.


We will be bringing in a new parking company and they will be tagging cars that are not current and those that do not move.




The water bill for the property is extremely high. Please work to conserve water as much as possible.