Pheasant Creek HOA NOVEMBER 2020 Newsletter

Residents…The board of directors hopes that this finds you all healthy and making the best of a strange and stressful time. 

Unfortunately another month with a few updates and notices but largely, and sadly, a newsletter reciting rules that several tenants don’t seem to want to follow.


Capital Projects

Roofs have been started. The schedule may vary but the approved times are 7am to 7pm Monday through Saturday. The crews will work until roughly the beginning of December, until weather becomes too cold, or because of COVID-19, there is also a supply shortage that could stall them. The updated Phase Map is above.

We will also be looking at the paint, trim, siding, mailboxes, sidewalks, cement in general, and parking lots, but it will need to be discussed in the annual meeting to review financial options like a loan, and what that would gain us. The board cannot act on this without a community vote.

Roof Project

During the roof project it is required that both backyards and decks need to be as clear as possible and FULLY accessible while work is being done to your building. If access to your yard is blocked, then we are not responsible for cleanup, and we will have to have animal control pickup unattended pets. Satellite dishes should NOT be attached to roofs directly (they should be anchored to the chimneys or the side of buildings, but never to the shingles by rule) and removal and replacement will be the owner’s responsibility. Cars must be moved by 7am if parked in a coned off area or they will be towed at the owner’s expense. Damage to personal items is also not the responsibility of the Contractor or the HOA. This inconvenience in only for a short time of about a week or two.

A tree that is overgrown in any way needs to be addressed immediately by the owner. Letters have been sent out. If these trees are not addressed, the HOA will take care of the tree on the owner’s behalf, and the bill will be added to the owner’s account.

Denver Water Mailing

Denver Water sent mailings about lead in the water and a program to replace faucets. Please take time to read through this information. Click the link below to read the PDF.


We know that there is a pandemic, but the DMV is open and offers many services online. Temp tags do NOT have a 30-day grace period. ALL vehicles must be in working order and in REGULAR use. The rules require that no more vehicles than licensed drivers (with a maximum of three per unit) can be parked onsite. As a reminder, “dually” rear axles are NOT allowed. Neither are modified “dually” rear ends with wide-profile tires. Vehicle length is limited to wheelbase of 160 inches or less. NO commercial vehicles including box trucks, flat beds, Sprinter/Camper conversion vans. We do not make exceptions as that leads to more issues and claims of favoritism. If you feel a vehicle needs to be warned, please let Hammersmith know and they will contact the parking

company. If someone parks in your reserved space, an owner can call the tow company a request a tow, however they must provide proof of residency and be available at the time of the tow. The parking company varies their schedule and does not share that schedule with the HOA or Hammersmith. That also means that until a car is booted, tagged or towed, we likely do not know about it unless it is obvious or if an owner reports it to us.


The rules for trash are very straight forward. Occupants cannot store trash, trash cans, or recycling on the side of buildings, in bushes, in front of buildings, in common areas of any kind, or behind/under raised front stairwells. Trash must be stored inside of the unit, inside of the storage unit, or on the deck or within the back yards. Garage units can store theirs along the fence next to their garages.  With the holiday season approaching it is important to remind residents that trash days may fluctuate, and it is your responsibility to check the website for updates.


Trash or recycling put out without lids, or worse not in cans at all, overnight is against the rules and letters and fines will be sent.

Dog Feces

In your yards or in common areas an immediate fine of $100 can be assessed. If you see someone breaking the rules, please report them. If your neighbor is not cleaning their yard regularly please report them.

Fire Pits

We have noticed an increase in fire pits/tables, chimineas, gas heaters, etc. in yards and on decks. Per the City of Lakewood, NO open flames are allowed, gas or wood burning, within 25 feet of a burnable source. That means the whole neighborhood. Decks count. Fences count. Buildings count. All trees and bushes count. Also, there is a fire ban in effect so it goes without saying that we will be taking this matter seriously. We will likely be asking to have Hammersmith ID every yard/deck breaking this rule and sending warning letters. We don’t want them stored; we want them removed permanently.


It is important to remember that satellite dishes are your responsibility to report to the HOA. They are an architectural change request item and there are rules for installation. They are NEVER allowed to be bolted directly to the roofs. If you cancel service, you are required to have the dish removed at your expense. Digging up front or backyards also require a change request and backyards DO require a call to have the lines marked before you dig as there are cable and power lines buried in the common areas that then extend into your yards.

Units with crawl spaces that dig out the space for the hot water heater MUST have this inspected to meet code.

Pets are limited to 3 per unit including birds, lizards, dogs, indoor or outdoor cats or any other exotic animals. No squirrels, raccoons, chickens, goats, or wild-caught rabbits are allowed.

We will not tolerate unruly renters, or owners, and EXPECT owners to respond quickly and abruptly to either remove such tenants or correct their/those behaviors. Failure to work with the HOA on our timeline will lead to legal/management fees being passed on to your account as we have it deal with it on your behalf.


Just a friendly reminder that many are still at home either working, going to school from home, or are home because they are out of work. Stress levels are at an all-time high, so please be mindful and respectful to everyone. Keep the noise levels appropriate at all hours, day or night.

While 2020 has forced us to all socially distance, please take a moment to check on your neighbors, especially the elderly, and make sure they are well and have everything they need.


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