Pheasant Creek HOA MARCH 2020 Newsletter


The board of directors hopes that this finds you all healthy and making the best of a strange and stressful time. 


As you know, COVID-19 is growing within Colorado.  Many businesses have shut down or curtailed their activity. Therefore the March 26, 2020, Board of Directors Meeting has been canceled, because The Bear Evangelic Church has closed its doors to groups. The Board will keep you informed of the next meeting date and other important information. 


Capital Projects

As you know we have an open insurance claim for the roofs, paint, trim, and siding.  This process is in the final stages of arbitration. Due to recent events and a referee (non-courtroom judge) that is slowly reviewing all of the information on the claim, the roofing project is on hold and we are hopeful to start in April.  This is frustrating for all of us but it is in the hands of the bureaucrats and all we can do is wait.


The new playground was approved at February’s meeting and it looked like that project would be complete by the end of April or early May.  Right now I am assuming this too is on hold as we work to confirm if the manufacturer is shut down.


Pets and Pet Waste

Do you know the budget for pet clean up at Pheasant Creek?  $2 per unit, per month of the assessments go to pet clean up…. $9,400 a year!!  That $2 is not only paid by those who have animals, but those who do not. Some of the cost is for the emptying of the bins, which is the purpose.  The other portion of the costs is the pickup of the feces. The Board thinks this is a significant amount of funds to pay for what animal owners should be doing!  One of the best way to save the Community money, is those who have animals to pick up after them. Please be vigilant and keep the Community clean.



The Board of Directors would like to thank the many Owners who pay their assessments on time!  This allows the HOA to make timely repairs thus saving you money! A reminder: the assessments are $280 per month.  Some Owners still are paying the old rate and may soon have a delinquency, so please check the method of payment and make the adjustments.  The Board is working on a plan to require those Owners who request to have late fees waived to enroll in Hammersmith’s ACH program. The funds are drawn from your account between the 8th and 10th of the month.  This will account for any increase in assessments from year to year.  If you are having difficulties in paying your assessments, please contact Hammersmith and they will help set up a payment plan. The Board follows the Collection Policy for those who continue not to pay. 


Onsite Maintenance Person

We are currently in search of a maintenance person to work onsite on various projects as well as keeping the community cleaned up. This is a 1099 job and requires that the person be bonded and insured. If you know someone that would be interested please email the board at

Pheasant Creek HOA February 2020 Newsletter


Residents…Welcome to 2020.  This is the first Newsletter of the year and there are many new items to cover.

In previous years communications have been seriously lacking and it is the hope of the board that we can kick start interest in this community by increasing communications through means like this newsletter.

For that reason, we are asking residents to please update your personal information with our management company, Hammersmith Management.  You can do this by logging into your account on their portal at

If you are having trouble logging in, you can reach out to Community Care at 303-980-0700.

It is vital that we have correct phone, mailing address AND email on record for every owner. 

Going forward newsletters, project information/updates, general communications, and community engagements will be updated and posted on the Pheasant Creek website at the mail kiosks, and sent out via email blast. Due to increased costs paper newsletters will not be mailed. This is a conscience effort to both save a few trees as well as to save a few bucks.


Annual Meeting Review

The annual meeting was held in November and turnout was decent. The main discussion was, of course, around money.  The main cause of the need to constantly raise dues like we have in the past few years is to get the community back on the correct track.


From 2008 until 2017 the dues were only raised an average of $2.38 per year. This doesn’t cover the cost of capital projects. Also, utility bills have doubled and nearly tripled in the last 5 years and the insurance has gone up almost $50,000.

By comparison, many other neighborhoods in Lakewood have been over, or close to over $300 for many years so we feel like we are only getting us back to a necessary level for future needs.

We would also like to be able to plan to hire an onsite maintenance person, with the hopes that this person should offset costs on contractor rates.  

Rates for contract labor has skyrocketed at the same pace as home values, so while we are enjoying higher than ever home values, maintenance costs on these homes has gone up as well.

Capital Projects

We have an open insurance claim for the roofs, paint, trim, and siding.  This process is in the final stages of arbitration. 

That being said, we are close enough to the end, that the board has decided to move forward with the roof part of the claim.  The roofing vendor has been selected.  There is a map outlining the project on the Pheasant Creek HOA website.

Once the insurance claim is complete, the HOA will hold a meeting to come together and discuss moving forward with paint, trim, and siding. Most of this work was denied by the insurance company, but the final numbers are still in arbitration. Looking at the overall numbers, the board brought up at the annual meeting the potential for soliciting a loan to get the paint project done. The other option would be to submit a special assessment. That option is worrisome and the board needs your help as a community to come together and review and vote on the options.  

Finally, new playground is also in the works and we are starting to get bids! The goal is to have this completed by late spring so that it can be of maximum use this year.

Trash Pickup

Trash day has been changed by the trash vendor. Our new day is Tuesdays. Trash every week and recycle every other week.


Please review the rules on the HOA website on pet waste, noise and abuse. We follow applicable laws when it comes to these issues, and we ask our residents to do the same.


Parking has again become an issue. The size of the parking lot allows for each owner to have 2.1 spaces each. No owner should have more than 3 vehicles parked onsite. Owners with garages already have 2 dedicated spaces and our rules dictate that those are used 1st.  

Please read the community rules for parking located on the Pheasant Creek HOA website. 

Snow Removal

We did change to a new vendor this year. While the first few storms were tough, we are working with them to get the kinks out. Please be patient during this process.

Monthly Meetings

Please try to attend these meetings on the last Thursday of each month, across the street at the Bridge Church. Kids are welcome. If you can only attend for part of the meeting you are free to attend for any length of time. We meet in the basement and directions are posted on the Pheasant Creek HOA website.

Community Forums

Please keep in mind that community forums such as the Next Door App cannot be used by the board for official communications.  The easiest way to contact the board is through the board email on the Pheasant Creek HOA website or through Hammersmith Community Care.  We also have a homeowner forum at the beginning of the monthly meetings.