Monthly Assessments

Pheasant Creek Homeowners Association monthly association dues are currently $310.00 


Your assessments cover maintenance and repair of all common areas including the swimming pool, parking lots, and playground areas; water and sewer for the entire community; trash and recycle service; snow removal; lawn care; maintenance and repair of the outside walls, fences, and roofs of all units; painting of all units; and insurance on all structures located in the community.


Assessments are due on the 1st of every month, and any installment not paid in full on the first of each month shall be considered past due and the owner’s account delinquent. Ten days after an owner’s account becomes delinquent, a late charge in the amount of $25.00 shall be imposed each month that the account is delinquent without further notice to the owner.


Having a successful and well maintained community is dependent on receiving monthly assessments on time and in full. Not receiving monthly assessments makes it more difficult to manage our funds for expenses and maintenance projects. 


The Board is willing to work with any homeowner when possible if there is a financial problem. We would rather try to reach a workable agreement with a homeowner than turn the account over to an attorney, but the Board also has an obligation and responsibility to the community to aggressively collect assessments that are past due if there is no cooperation from the homeowner. 


Once the account goes to the Association's attorney, it means liens, court dates and attorney fees. Attorney fees cannot be waived by the Board since the payment would have to be absorbed by all homeowners.

To pay your dues online visit You will need your account number if you do not already have a log in.